Philosophy post.

I was thinking for a bit. You ever notice how people call anybody who has a lot of sex a slut? I think that's wrong. I think people who use the word slut as a name for people who have a lot of sex are just jealous. It's a word that sexually conservative people use to describe sexually liberal people. Is it true that people who have a lot of sex are sluts, or are some just sexually liberal? Not to confuse being a prude with being sexually conservative either. I just think that people should get to choose to have sex, provided they have a willing partner, as much or as little as they deem fit, provided they have reason for making whatever choice it was they made.

Anywho, that's it for my philosophising. It's not much, but I put some effort into it so I hope to get something out of it.
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Stupid work.

Drew me away from England. Well I got everything done and was planning on just hanging out when suddenly I get called. My cell phone works over seas, you see. I am sorry to say I can't give you the number, for very important reasons I will disclose later.

Anyways, does anybody know where I can find jobs that AREN'T in Danville, Concord, Walnut Creek, or San Ramon? I'd really love it if you could. Those places just piss me off. Too many bad memories attached to those places, and what not. I hate working in those places, and I'm thinking you can guess why. Here's a hint: It's not just a few people I know in those areas.


I'm going to have to be sneaky and give a present to Lynda's ex-boyfriend without him knowing it's from me. You see, he threw out a really valuable CD I bought him because it was from me, and from the last time we met, we had a bit of a fight, so he just thinks it's a way for me to try to win him back. But I don't think I'm going to win him back. I just wanted to give him something because I care for him. He doesn't have much, and he wants more, but Lynda can't give him anything of material value. Which is fine for him because he still loves Lynda, and Lynda kinda still likes him but not the way she used to.

At any rate, I'm going to get him a real decorative object, and make sure he doesn't even have a clue it's from me. It's a benevolent gesture, (Not altruistic. I hate that word. It means I don't gain anything, but I do, I'm acting on my values, and that itself is a value for me.) and far from doing this just so people will see me as good, or God will see me as good, or Lynda will see me as good, or somehow, in some objective sense, it will make me a better person - which would be brownie points and I really hate brownie points - I'm doing this for his own good, and for my own good (As I mentioned earlier, acting according to my values, IE, making someone happy so I can be happy, et cetera.) so plese don't give me any flak.

Anyways, on a related topic, have you ever read "The Husband I bought" by Ayn Rand? Looking back to the story and its principle is where I gain the moral authority to do this. No, we're not lovers. I mean I'm bisexual but he's not, and I respect that. However, when you care for someone enough, it's okay to do things for them without them knowing fully what you're up to, or that you're involved. I care for Chris that way. He's a good man and has ambition without having the means to fulfil it. He also has VERY high respect for aesthetic goods, and already has what he says he needs in other areas.

I suppose conventional morality says I'm dishonest for doing this, and conventional practicality says I'm stupid for saying this in public, but I don't care. He doesn't have my LJ or know me as Galnarth, and I'm post-conventional in my morality. I'm going to be damned if I let anything stop me from doing what I know to be right. I'm gonna help this guy out in other ways too, if I can. I just don't want him knowing it's me. Most likely I'll do this through Lynda.

Anyways, in case you don't know, I'm in England and I started about a month ago, and right now is about the time I'll be leaving. I only meant to spend thirty days there anyhow and it's been twenty eight. I'm staying up late to post this because I can. And the Lynda and Chris I'm talking about are in England. Good day, everybody, and cherrio!
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Medical Marijuana.

I myself quit any and all recreational uses of marijuana a long time ago. Except for that one time, but that was because I needed to zone out the rest of the world. However, I suffer from a depression problem, and I use marijuana to help keep me from crying whenever I feel the world is against me. I swear to god, I am NOT a pussy. I just have a lot of problems. My parents hate me because I can't join the military, and that's what they wanted me to do, because my only skill is in 'ideas', and ideas in this world are useless. I have no human friends, and the only one I thought was a friend got me fired from my job from smoking regular cigarettes. I was doing it outside even and it's against policy. Thank God I don't smoke marijuana at work. I'm not that dumb.

However, due to stress and depression, I smoke marijuana. I live in California, and THEIR laws allow me to do so. So why is the federal government, which has NO constitutional basis for regulating marijuana, suddenly violating the ninth and tenth amendments which should by all means protect medical marijuana. Why don't we have a RIGHT to medicine? I mean, all medicines have side effects, right? So what's so bad about marijuana? It's because our court system, both liberals and conservatives agree that marijuana is the government's business. Guess what? We don't live in a free society. We live in a democratic republic, one that's outstepped it's constitutional boundaries.

State's right my ass. States rights only when a state wants to OUTLAW something than to make it LAWFUL. That's typically been the argument for states rights. California doesn't want to make medical marijuana illegal? Tough shit. California doesn't want federal agents drilling THEIR oil? Tough shit. Well I've had enough tough shit. You shit on me once, well, shame on you already.

Fuck You President Bush and your goddamned authoritarian Judge Nominees. I hope somebody rapes you, kills you, then rapes your dead body. Then I hope your wife and children defect to a party that supports California's and other state's rights to operate within fair constitutional limits.

BTW, on an unrelated note, what song is it where the artist basically says "Fuck Everything"? What band plays it? I would really like to know because that's how I feel. All I have is a song that says it's called "Fuck Everything" but I don't think that's it's true name.

Addendum: Michael Jackson is being let out. The child raping fag makes me almost as pissed off as Bush does. Almost, but not quite.
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Looks like I'm gonna have another long bout with LJ journal writers block. I can do without typing LJ posts for a while, it's no big deal.
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Feeling better now.

For the record, I'm still a male, and I'm not ONLY a dragon. I just created the hermaphrodite dragon for a friend. I really don't think being hermaphrodite suits me anyhow. There's just something... weird about it. Not that I think hermaphrodites are weird, but it would be weird for me to take that as my main form. I'd prefer just RPing herms when appropriate. The same thing applies to being female. I'm just naturally a male, I guess. Besides, I just think it's tacky to RP someone different from your gender. No offense to the transgendereds out there, if you find that spiritually you're someone of a different gender than your body, then fine. I'm just saying, I better stick with being male and only RP different genders on the occasion, is all.

I'm hated.

I'm leaving the internet for a few days. Sorry, but someone who I think is really cool just put his paw down and said he wouldn't be friends with me. I need some time to recover.
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Googlewhack orgy. Ents beware.

Now you and I know that denderphiliac is a word. So even though doesn't list it, I still count it as a googlewhack.

42 for denderphiliac
1,620,000 for druid
68,040,000 denderphiliac druid

Sweet. Also, I have the results of ALL three pages saved to my computer, so when the wordlist orgy finds out about my googlewhack, I can still show you that I got it.

In case the word is spelled dendrophiliac, I get a better googlewhack.

1,070 for dendrophiliac
157,000 for dryad
167,990,000 for dendrophiliac dryad

Either way, it's only a half decent googlewhack. Oh well.
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